• How much are your lessons?

    £24 per hour

  • How long are your lessons?

    One Hour

  • Do you do group lessons?

    Yes, maximum of three people.

  • Where you are based?

    20/1 Bright's Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 2DB

  • Is there parking?

    Yes - and it's free!

  • How long have you been teaching?

    15 years

  • Do you teach music theory?

    Yes – to Grade 8 level

  • Do you have to read music to learn the guitar?

    No, but it helps, and is something which I can help develop.

  • Will you help me choose a guitar?


  • What equipment/materials will I need?

    Just your own instrument. I provide 99% of all materials.

  • If my child comes for a lesson, will I need to wait while they have their lesson?

    You are welcome to sit-in during any or all lessons, or can pick them up afterwards. I recommend that parents sit-in for at least one lesson – so you know what you are paying for!

  • Do you teach weekends?

    Yes, Saturdays.

  • I might not be able to commit to the same time every week, is this a problem?

    No. Although most students prefer a ‘’steady slot’, I have quite a few who utilise ‘floating’ (or irregular)slots from week to week.

Edinburgh Guitar Studio

20/1 Bright's Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 2DB

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